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The innovative efforts of many ETH teaching staff, together with student feedback, are generating new teaching methods, formats and scenarios at ETH Zurich. These developments are carried through by dedicated staff and processes.

Together with the Educational Developers in the departments, the LET Innovation Management group fosters innovation in teaching.

New initiatives and complex innovative teaching projects are promoted through Innovedum, a special fund overseen by the Rector.

Innovation overview

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Innovation themes

Innovation in teaching is important to the ongoing development of educators' teaching capabilities. We define innovation as the systematic planning, assessment and promotion of new themes in the areas of teaching and teaching technology. Our goal is to create added value for teaching.


Flipped classroom

In a flipped classroom students prepare for classroom sessions in advance using digital teaching materials, and classroom time is used for exchange among students and instructors. Learning is more effective as a result. Read blog


Videos in teaching

Videos are omnipresent in our lives and are a very useful way to make teaching more attractive and effective. They convey more information, nuance and emotion than do mere images or audio. They provide insights into strange or new situations. Read more

Gamification / Game-based learning

Gamification deploys game-based mechanics, aesthetics and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems. Read blog


A misconception is defined as a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding, in turn generating a faulty learning process. Read blog

Innovation practice & events

Interested teaching staff can discover more about ongoing innovation processes at ETH via various blogs, workshops, a database, and through peer networking.


Innohunt blog

In the Innohunt blog we assess innovation themes and search for ways to implement "innovation objects". Read blog


Deliscop blog

This blog is maintained by the Educational Developers in the departments. It offers practical examples and inspiration for future innovation. Read blog

Web-based courses

ETH teaching staff have been using web-based learning platforms in teaching for many years. These have a wide range of uses, from the creation of single elements such as videos or quizzes to the design of small modules and entire online courses. At ETH web-based learning platforms are strenthened by their close association with lectures.


TORQUEs: Online courses which augment ETH classroom teaching

TORQUEs (Tiny, Open-with-Restrictions Courses focused on Quality and Effectiveness) are ETH-internal online courses which extend and enhance classroom teaching. Read more


MOOCs: Online courses for a global audience

A few ETH Zurich faculty also offer MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). These courses are offered free of charge to a worldwide public. Read more


ETH EduApp

The EduApp is an interactive smartphone application for academic life and classroom interaction at ETH Zurich.
Read more


Moodle courses

Over the years more than 250 Moodle courses have been produced at ETH. These illustrate a range of possibilities. Moodle is deployed as both a learning and an examination platform. Read more


Innovedum is the brand of the Rector. The name Innovedum is composed of the words 'innovation' and 'education'. Innovedum has the claim: 'Advancing education at ETH'


Innovedum fund

The Innovedum Fund finances initiatives which explore new ways to sustainably improve teaching and learning. Innovedum project submission


Innovedum project database

The web-based Innovedum project database contains more than 120 current and completed innovative teaching projects.
Innovedum project database

innovedum exhibition

Innovedum events

The annual Innovedum events are a means to discuss Innovedum projects between the project leaders, faculties and members of the teaching commission and the LET (Educational Development and Technology). Read more

student innovedum

Student Innovedum

Student  Innovedum makes it possible for all students at ETH Zurich to develop their own innovative ideas for teaching and learning at this university. Blog lesen


"Refresh Teaching" workshops

Practice-oriented events over lunchtime with refreshing ideas on innovative themes. The priority is exchange among teaching staff. Read more

ARCHIVE - Past Innovedum initiatives


Student competition

The winning projects from the Innovedum student competition "Innovate Teaching" were carried out in 2013. Read blog

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