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Taking a doctorate at ETH Zurich is an excellent investment for your future scientific career.

With 4000 doctoral students out of a total of 18'500 students, ETH Zurich is one of the universities in Europe which focuses most intensively on research. Doctorates make a significant, fundamental contribution to that research work. They are based on research projects that are carried out independently, with the support of a professor.

Apart from a few exceptional cases, all doctoral students at ETH Zurich are employed as scientific assistants. However, they are not only employees but also students, and they are obliged in the course of their doctoral study to continue their education, inside and outside their specialist area. Another important component of a doctorate is learning how to educate others. That is why every doctoral student plays an active part in the teaching work of their department.

At the end of their research project, the results are compiled in a thesis that is defended in an oral examination. On successful completion of their doctorate, students are awarded the title “Doctor of Sciences (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich)”.

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