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Educational developers are contact persons in the departments for issues in the area of teaching. They provide support to lecturers and coordinate developments within degree programmes in cooperation with LET. Teaching specialists are in direct contact with the faculty in their departments and thus have direct knowledge of lecturers' specific needs in their teaching activities.

Thanks to their position in a network of other educational developers and the connection with LET, they are familiar with best-practice scenarios, current educational technology, services and instruments for teaching development. Educational developers also offer guidance on innovative projects in the context of applications for Innovedum financing, and participate in LET and interdepartmental projects.

The following departments employ educational developers:

Department Educational Developers
D-BIOL Katja Köhler
D-CHAB Regula Merz
D-ERDW Adrian Gilli
D-GESS Malte Bachem
D-HEST Sarah Frédérickx
D-INFK Mukul Agarwal
D-ITET Mukul Agarwal
D-MATH Alexander Caspar
D-MATL Sara Morgenthaler
D-MTEC Erik Jentges
D-PHYS Guillaume Schiltz
D-USYS Urs Brändle
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