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Innovedum is a fund established by the Rector. The name Innovedum is composed of the words "Innovation" and "Education".

Vision and goals

Innovedum promotes initiatives which contribute to the development of quality education at ETH in the long term. It fosters the education of ETH students to become members of society who are independent thinkers and thus equipped to shape the future. Innovedum project goals are:

  • Trial and further development of environments which foster teaching, and of effective supervision vehicles
  • Continual “re-invention” of ETH as an exceptional learning environment which reflects the prevailing needs of students and teaching staff

Submission of project proposals

ETH Zurich teaching staff and Directors of Study may submit project proposals to Innovedum. Please familiarise yourself with processes and information below before submission.

Overview project types: Brief comparison submission formats (PDF, 45 KB)

Teaching and focal point projects

MOOC projects

Degree programme initiatives

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