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Innovedum is a brand established by the Rector. The name Innovedum is composed of the words «Innovation» and «Education». Innovedum has the claim: «Advancing education at ETH»

Vision and goals

Innovedum promotes initiatives which contribute to the development of quality education at ETH in the long term. It fosters the education of ETH students to become members of society who are independent thinkers and thus equipped to shape the future. Innovedum project goals are:

  • Trial and further development of environments which foster teaching, and of effective supervision vehicles
  • Continual “re-invention” of ETH as an exceptional learning environment which reflects the prevailing needs of students and teaching staffFoster networking and exchange of experiences among project leaders and innovation in teaching, which are of great interest to ETH members.
  • Harness student innovation potential in the area of teaching and learning.
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Innovedum fund

The Innovedum fund promotes initiatives and complex innovative projects in the area of teaching. Lecturers and persons responsible for degree programmes may submit applications to the Innovedum fund.


Project submission

There are following projecttyps to submit: Focal point projects, Teaching projects, MOOC projects and Degree programme initiatives. Please note the various steps involved in submitting these Innovedum projecttyp.

Submitting an Innovedum project

Innovedum project database


The Innovedum project database displays all the Innovedum projects submitted since 2004 which were approved and financed by the Innovedum fund. Our web-based project database has 150 running or completed innovative teaching projects.

Project database

Innovedum events


The annual Innovedum events are a means to discuss Innovedum projects between the project leaders, faculties and members of the teaching commission and the LET (Educational Development and Technology) and inform about the Student Innovedum projects.
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Student innovedum


The Student Innovedum initiative was launched by the Rector in 2016. It promotes students at ETH Zurich to develop their own innovative ideas for teaching and learning as well as the exchange between students and teaching staff.  

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Refresh teaching


Refesh Teaching events began in 2015, instituted by the Rector as a vehicle for exchange on innovative themes for teaching at ETH. Practice-oriented events over lunchtime with refreshing ideas on innovative themes. The priority is exchange among teaching staff.
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