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The Fondation Latsis Internationale has been supporting the annual Latsis Symposium at ETH Zurich since 1986.

The theme of the symposium must relate to an area in which research is being conducted at ETH Zurich and which is of interest to the general public. The organization of the one- to three-day symposium is supported with up to CHF 50‘000.

Latsis Symposium 2017

"Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance: Impact for Biology and Society"

28-30 August 2017, ETH Zurich

Symposium Website


Call for proposals for the Latsis Symposium 2018 at ETH Zurich

Applications are now being accepted for the ETH Zurich Latsis Symposium 2018. All necessary documents must be submitted in PDF format electronically to by 31 March 2017, 23:59 CET.


Proposals (min. three pages) may be submitted by professors of ETH Zurich; they must be written in English and include:

  • a description of the motivation for the symposium
  • an explicit summary defining the main aim, the content and the scope of the symposium, and depicting its topicality and relevance for ETH Zurich and the broader scientific community, as well as for society in general
  • a draft agenda outlining the organizational structure
  • a list of potential speakers
  • a preliminary budget

The Research Commission of the ETH Zurich is responsible for evaluating all submissions.

Previous Latsis Symposia

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Latsis Symposium 2016

 «Personalized Medicine ‒ Challenges and Opportunities»

Symposium website.

Flyer (PDF, 883 KB)

Latsis Symposium 2015

«Drug Resistance and the Future of Disease Control»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2014

«Atmosphere and Climate Dynamics: From Clouds to Global Circulations»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2013

«Forces of Nature at the Energy Frontier»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2012

«Economics on the Move: Trends and Challenges from the Natural Sciences»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2011

«Science and Democracy»

Symposium Flyer

Latsis Symposium 2010

«CCES: Research in Environment and Sustainability - Insights and Conclusions»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2009

«Darwin's Legacy: A Symposium in Honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of "The Origin of Species"»

Symposium Website

Latsis Symposium 2008

«Intramolecular Dynamics, Symmetry and Spectroscopy»

Symposium Website

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