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Dear Visitors

Discovering new worlds, broaching the unknown. There are researchers who dare to adventure, hazarding hardships and courageously crossing boundaries. They travel the world, delve deep into the Earth, chase after quanta, and fly through the air. Take part in our Sunday expeditions; awake your curiosity for everything unknown!

These are the themes of our family Sundays:
 - 29 October "Adventurers and explorers"
 - 05 November "Journey to the centre of the Earth"
 - 19 November "Nature expedition"
 - 26 November "Up in the air"

We will publish the full programme here in mid-September. If you give us your e-mail address, we can send you the brochure by post.

Kind regards
Your Treffpunkt-team

About Treffpunkt Science City

ETH Zurich’s Treffpunkt Science City is a science programme designed for everyone. It offers an insight into the world of research through lectures, science talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and laboratory tours, giving you the chance to discover how new knowledge is generated and how it affects our world. The programme is held in German and includes a range of events aimed at adults, young people and children. Over 20'000 people visit this event every year.

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