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The following steps have to be taken before you receive your doctor’s title:

  1. Doctoral examination
  2. Approval of the thesis by the Department Conference
  3. Doctoral graduation date
  4. Submission of deposit copies

What happens after the doctoral examination?

Case 1 (positive): If you pass your doctoral examination, your thesis will normally be approved at the next Department Conference.

Case 2 (negative): If you do not pass your oral examination or your thesis is sent back for revision, the chairman of the Examination Committee will inform you in writing of what you have to do next and will tell you the deadline for revising the doctoral thesis or retaking the examination. These deadlines must be within no more than 6 months.

What happens after the Department Conference?

After the Department Conference and the doctoral graduation date your thesis will definitively be confirmed.
Note: Once the thesis has been approved by the Department Conference, the title and content may no longer be changed!

Check the dates of the Department Conferences.

What happens after the Doctoral Graduation Date?

After the doctoral graduation date you will automatically be de-matriculated. From that moment on your exam will officially be considered as passed. Subsequently you will receive a provisional confirmation of your doctorate. You have 6 months in which to hand in the deposit copies of your thesis. Only once these deposit copies have been delivered can you officially use the title of “Doctor”.

Check the doctoral graduation dates.

Handing in deposit copies

The deposit copies have to be handed in to the Doctoral Administration Office within 6 months after the doctoral graduation deadline. The details in this regard are described in the chapter “Deposit copies”.

Date of the next doctoral awards ceremony: 20 October 2017

This ceremony can only be attended if your deposit copies reach the Doctoral Administration Office the latest until: 8 September 2017

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