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22.06.2017 | ETH News | D-INFK

Olga Sorkine-Hornung wins Rössler Prize

Computer scientist Olga Sorkine has won this year’s Rössler Prize for her work in the field of computer graphics. The prize comes with a research award of CHF 200,000. Read more 

21.06.2017 | ETH News | D-MAVT

The eyes have it

Patients with age-related retinal disease need regular injections in the eye. At the moment, these must be given by specially trained medical doctors, but a robot may well handle this task in the near future. Read more 

20.06.2017 | Study process announcements

Examination schedule online

The personal examination schedule is as of now visible online in myStudies - button «Examination schedule» on the top page. Read more 

20.06.2017 | ETH News

“We have to seize this opportunity”

Digitalisation is leading to profound changes in more and more areas of life. For ETH President Lino Guzzella, it is clear that these changes present a huge opportunity for Switzerland, as the country offers the ideal conditions in which to build a competitive digital industry. Read more 

19.06.2017 | ETH News | D-INFK

Piz Daint is a world leader

After an extensive hardware upgrade at the end of last year, the CSCS supercomputer Piz Daint is now the most powerful mainframe computer outside Asia. With a peak performance in excess of 20 petaflops, it will enable pioneering research in Switzerland and Europe. Read more 

16.06.2017 | ETH News | D-ERDW

A new view of the world

The Swiss World Atlas has been published in a completely revised new edition. In addition to the usual topographic relief maps, it also contains maps on current global issues such as the environment, energy and conflicts. Read more 

15.06.2017 | ETH News | D-BSSE , D-INFK , D-ITET

Medicine is awash in data

Genomics, digital patient files and real-time health surveillance – never before have we had access to so much health data. Three ETH researchers explain how they extract relevant information from this sea of data and the potential benefits for personalised medicine. Read more 

14.06.2017 | ETH News | D-MATL

Universal stabilisation

ETH researchers led by Lucio Isa have developed microparticles with a rough, raspberry-like surface that stabilise emulsions following a new principle. Read more 

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