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ETH Zurich Foundation
High-voltage laboratory at the Power Systems and High Voltage Laboratories (EEH) in the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET). (Photo © ETH Zurich)

The ETH Zurich Foundation builds bridges between ETH Zurich and companies, foundations, organisations and private individuals. It provides that little bit of extra traction to ensure that ETH Zurich can drive forward in its strategic endeavours and maintain its leading global position.

As Switzerland’s leading technology foundation, the ETH Zurich Foundation specifically supports ETH Zurich in achieving its objectives in education and research. Partners gain access to wonderful partnerships and visionary programmes shared with the best university in Europe.

With these activities, the ETH Zurich Foundation aims to encourage progress and enable donors to experience the real benefits of their commitment. It brings together society, industry and science. Exploring the limits of knowledge together and creating added value – that’s what makes this partnership so fascinating and important.


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