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ETH Library is ETH Zurich's central university library. Founded in 1855, today it is the largest public technical and scientific library in Switzerland, and one of the leading libraries in Europe. Besides classic duties such as acquisition, indexing and loans, ETH Library also develops and realizes innovative services.

Moreover, it implements ETH Zurich's Open Access Policy and supports members of ETH Zurich in Open Access publishing. ETH Library's core responsibilities also include running the ETH Zurich University Archives, safeguarding ETH Zurich's academic output and cultural heritage in digital form in the ETH Data Archive for the long term, and maintaining and enhancing ETH Zurich's culturally and historically significant collections and archives.  

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Dr. Rafael Ball

ETH Library's director is Dr Rafael Ball.

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Central entry point for scientific searches

Information literacy

In its training courses and workshops, ETH Library mediates information and search literacy, and knowhow on research-relevant topics to members of ETH Zurich and the interested public. In events for the public, it positions itself with current topics and presents its culturally and academically important holdings.  

Training courses and tours of ETH Library


In the e-publishing sector, ETH Library helps scientists publish their research results. The services comprise a publication platform, the institutional bibliography, the DOI Desk and advice on open access publishing and ORCID.



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