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ETH Zurich promotes quality at all levels in order to satisfy the high expectations of society and ETH students, faculty and staff. Here achieving minimum standards and avoiding error are not enough: quality is understood as an expression of the institution’s culture of change and of learning.

Teaching evaluation comprises four processes: student semester feedback; student evaluation of teaching; graduate surveys; and departmental evaluation.

Feedback from students

To provide them with the best possible education, ETH has consulted its students regarding teaching and the competence of faculty since the early 1990s. In 2011 the institution revised its evaluation system completely, and this now proceeds on two levels:

  • Semester feedback: Semester feedback takes place via the student societies and ensures that a dialogue takes place between students and lectures during the semester, at least in large-attendance Bachelor’s degree courses. Semester feedback makes possible adjustments on both sides, from which both can profit.
  • Teaching evaluation: Teaching evaluation by students after the performance assessment provides lecturers with feedback on their teaching for the following semester. It also provides information for curriculum development.

Graduate survey

The graduate survey supplies information on how former students regard their ETH Zurich education to persons responsible for teaching in the departments.

Student satisfaction survey

Regular surveys regarding student satisfaction have established themselves as a standard instrument of quality assurance at universities. In Spring 2015 the first survey was conducted on behalf of the Rector; it will be repeated every four years. Summary of the results

Departmental evaluation

ETH Zurich has each department evaluated by an international team of experts (peers) in a six-to-eight-year cycle. The aim of this evaluation is to position ETH’s departmental research internationally and to assess the goals and implementation of curricula and cooperation with industry and public administration.

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