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Around 26‘600 former students from ETH Zurich have reunited in the ETH Alumni Association and its member organisations. For about 150 years, the alumni organisation has shown its commitment to its members and ETH Zurich. The ETH Alumni Association acts as an intermediary between the ETH Zurich and the public, especially on economic, scientific and societal matters. It maintains and promotes an active network and supports the ETH Zurich in fulfilling its mission to facilitate education and training, research and knowledge transfer.

Our graduates are among the most important ambassadors of the ETH Zurich. They contribute through their engagement and achievements in all areas essential to the reputation of their Alma Mater.

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  • Membership to an active and global network of more than 26‘600 ETH Alumni
  • Career services: Career events, trainings, career consulting and coaching
  • Job platform: Online job board exclusively for ETH graduates
  • ETH Alumni publications: Newsletter, Jobjournal, Globe
  • Discounts on purchases of laptops, software and support services
  • Health insurance benefits: Collective contracts
  • Social events, culture and company excursions
  • Free credit card
  • Discounts on selected journals
  • Access to the ETH Library and getAbstract
  • Access to the “Who‘s Who” database, which contains more than 65’000 ETH graduates
  • Discounts at Mobility and Europcar
  • And much more

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