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The ETH entrance examination has to be taken by all applicants whose qualifications do not fulfill the criteria for regular admission. The Entrance Exam Regulations ETH Zurich (Reglement über die Aufnahmeprüfung zur Zulassung an die ETH Zürich,  in German) form the basis for the entrance exam.

The subject matter covered by the exams corresponds to the educational targets set by the Swiss "Maturitäts-Anerkennungsverordnung" of 15 February 1995, taking into consideration the special requirements of ETH Zurich.

Careful preparation is required to pass the entrance exam. ETH Zurich does not offer preparatory courses or German language courses for beginners. A list of the few private schools offering preparatory courses and a list of language schools in Zurich will be included with the admission decision.

1. Entrance exam subjects

Reduced entrance exam (PDF, 262 KB) Comprehensive entrance exam (PDF, 318 KB)
Mathematics I + II Mathematics I + II
  Second modern foreign language

2. Language of examination

The language of examination is German. Hence a good command of any specialised terminology in German is a prerequisite.

3. Entrance exam fee

Examination fee is due when registering for the entrance exam.

Type Amount
Reduced entrance exam
CHF 550.00
Comprehensive entrance exam
CHF 800.00

4. Exam date

The entrance examination takes place from 21 August to 31 August 2017 at ETH Zurich for the start of studies for the autumn semester 2017. The results will be published on 1 September 2017.

Schedule of the entrance examination

5. Formulary

The only formulary allowed in the written exams of Mathematics I + II and Physics are:
"Formeln, Tabellen, Begriffe. Mathematik - Physik - Chemie"; Herausgeber: DMK, DPK, DCK; Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich, ISBN 978-3-280-04116-1 (previous editions are allowed) AND

Formulary „Formulae, Tables and Concepts. A Concise Handbook of Mathematics - Physics – Chemistry”, Herausgeber: DMK, DPK, DCK, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich, ISBN 978-3-280-04084-3

Calculators are permitted in the written exams of Mathematics I + II and Physics. Following calculators are permitted: Casio FX-82 Solar and Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS.

6. Preparing for the ETH entrance examination

Textbooks (PDF, 186 KB)   to help you prepare  for the entrance examination

7. Preparatory courses

All data supplied without liability  

AKAD College

Jungholzstrasse 43, 8050 Zürich

Tel. +41 (0) 44 307 31 31

Preparatory courses for the reduced and the comprehensive entrance examination

ExamPrep GmbH - Hochschulvorbereitung

Bändlistrasse 31, 8064 Zürich

Tel. 41 44 720 06 67 (Mo. - Fr. 8:00 - 20:00 Uhr, Sa. 10:00 - 15:00 Uhr)

Preparatory courses for the reduced and the comprehensive entrance examination

Tutorial College Zurich

Dr. sc. nat. ETH Evangelos Sakellariou

Englischviertelstrasse 18, 8032 Zürich

Tel. +41 44 480 06 48

Preparatory courses for the reduced entrance examination

8. Visa requirement

As there are only a few weeks between the entrance exam and the start of the semester, you may not be able to obtain a visa in time. In that case, you will have to postpone entry until the autumn semester of the following year.

Candidates may not sit the entrance examination without an admission decision from the Admissions Office.

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