Admission to the first semester without Swiss matriculation certificate

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Who may apply?

Applicationto Bachelor programmes is open to everybody. ETH Zurich may, however, require you to pass an entrance examination before admitting you.

The aim of the entrance examination is to ensure the necessary knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete the demanding ETH Zurich degree programmes.

Admission requirements

The Admissions Regulations of ETH Zurich (Zulassungsverordnung der ETH Zürich, in German) form the basis for admission. On the website of swissuniversities you may find a collection of admission requirements according to countries and types of diplomas.

There are three different kinds of admission to the first semester of a Bachelor programme:

  1. Admission without entrance examination
  2. Admission conditional upon passing reduced entrance examination (PDF, 262 KB) (4 subjects)
  3. Admission conditional upon passing comprehensive entrance examination (PDF, 318 KB) (8 subjects)

Please note that we cannot enter into any discussion or correspondence regarding specific admission requirements until we have received your complete application.

Language requirements

The language of instruction in all Bachelor programmes is German. However, some single courses may be held in English or French. Proficiency in German is one of the prerequisites for admission. Language requirements

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