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Most of the course offerings at ETH Zurich is open to all interested persons. Restrictions on admission are listed in the Course Catalogue. There is, however, no automatic entitlement to admission.

The prerequisite for attendance of courses listed in the Course Catalogue is registration as an auditor every semester.

Registration as an auditor

ETH Zurich currently differentiates between two types of auditor. Each has its own registration procedure.

  • Non-ETH members, including in particular undergraduate and graduate students of those universities which have no official cooperation agreements with ETH Zurich, and all students of universities of applied sciences
  • ETH domain employees (description ETH domain) and retired ETH Zurich employees

A person registered as an auditor

  • has no student status at ETH Zurich
  • is not entitled to an ETH Card
  • is not entitled to undergo performance assessments or sit examinations
  • is not entitled to acquire credits (ECTS or otherwise)
  • cannot acquire an ETH degree or Diploma
  • cannot obtain confirmation of participation


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