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Continuing education for companies and for specialists and managers with an academic background

ETH Zurich is a leading provider of research-based continuing education for companies and for specialists and managers with an academic background who are working in business, public administration or universities. ETH Zurich’s continuing education focuses on the university’s core areas (Architecture, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences and Economics) and on combining technology with management and social sciences. ETH Zurich addresses the needs of its target groups and is committed to meeting the highest international quality standards.

Services, projects and consulting

The competence centre and point of contact for everything relating to continuing education at ETH Zurich is the Centre for Continuing Education. Within the university, it coordinates all continuing education activities and supports the professorships, institutes and departments in setting up and providing their continuing education programmes. Outside the university, it advises external education providers, companies and professional associations on continuing education matters and promotes cooperation between the university, business and the general public. It prepares concepts, expertises and market studies and carries out evaluations and research projects.

External continuing education

The continuing education offer for external customers consists of continuing education courses lasting one or more days and the MAS, DAS and CAS programmes, which can be completed part-time over 1-2 years alongside employment, or in some cases also by full-time study. ETH Zurich offers customised solutions for individual needs and develops tailor-made programmes for companies and associations.

Internal continuing education

ETH Zurich offers its lecturers, teaching assistants, employees and students a wide range of internal courses on teaching methods, computer science, languages, management and learning methodology. Some courses are also open to interested external applicants.

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