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For the funding of scientific equipment, the Vice President Research and Corporate Relations and the Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure have ETH internal financial resources at their disposal. This program is to be used for the acquisition of scientific equipment or ICT (Information & Communication Technology) items that exceed the budget of the research units only. The allocation of these funds is based on a competitive proposal submission and is subject to evaluation.

IMPORTANT: As of January 2016 all SEP requests exceeding CHF 200’000 must be submitted to the SNSF R’Equip program for co-financing, provided that the research equipment in question is eligible for R’Equip funding (see R’Equip regulations for further details) Please note that applicants need to ensure that their proposal is submitted to the SNSF by the next possible date following the SEP application (currently, the R’Equip deadline is May 15). Decisions on such SEP proposals will depend on the outcome of the corresponding R’Equip application.  

Proposals for scientific equipment may be submitted by:

  1. individual investigators
  2. groups of investigators within the same department
  3. groups of investigators in several departments
  4. organizational units such as competence centers or special joint infrastructure facilities (e.g. FIRST, BRNC).

The principal applicant must be an ETH employee. If equipment is granted, it has to be inventoried at ETH Zurich.

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Detailed information on requirements for scientific equipment requests is given in the detailed submission instructions (PDF, 69 KB). Applications not complying with the guidelines will be rejected on formal grounds.

Submission procedure

Requests for scientific equipment must be submitted electronically by means of the online form.


Submission deadlines for requests exceeding CHF 50’000 are January 15, May 1, and September 1. Requests amounting to less than CHF 50’000 are not subject to deadlines. Please note, that we do not process funding requests below CHF 10'000.


Notifications of decisions will generally be sent to the principal applicant within 2 to 4 months following the submission deadline. Exceptions are made for requests exceeding CHF 500’000; these requests need to be discussed with the ETH Zurich Executive Board.

Further information

For further information on the ETH Scientific Equipment Program, please contact .

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