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The Industry Day is an annually recurring event which showcases the research activities of ETH Zurich and offers a platform for industry to engage with ETH researchers.

Industry Day 2017

The next Industry Day takes place on August 29, 2017. Get first hand information on current research highlights and spin-offs of ETH Zurich. The exhibition offers a chance to get in touch with the researchers, discuss ideas and make new contacts.

The event is free of charge, the event language is English.

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Industry keynote

Dr. Andreas Bong, Head of Corporate Research & Technology, Hilti AG

Session 1: Mobility and energy

Prof. Emilio Frazzoli, Autonomous vehicles
Prof. Margarita Chli, Vision for aerial robots
Prof. Martin Saar, Geothermal energy
Prof. Gabriela Hug, Electric power systems
ETH spin-off Sunredox, Solar fuels

Session 2: Construction and production

Prof. Eleni Chatzi, Structural health monitoring
Norman Hack, Digital fabrication
Prof. Arno Schlüter, Adaptive solar façade
Prof. Lucio Isa, Nanoparticles as emulsion stabilizers
ETH spin-off 6C Tools, Machining tools

Session 3: Information and communication

Prof. Jürg Leuthold, Optical communication
Prof. Onur Mutlu, Future computing and genome analysis platforms
Prof. Gunnar Rätsch, Analysis and modelling of biomedical data
Prof. Timothy Roscoe, Online modelling of enterprise datacenter behavior
ETH spin-off Veezoo, Platform for data exploration

Session 4: Health, food and environment

Prof. Simon Ametamey, Imaging of brain diseases
Prof. Sebastian Kozerke, Cardiovascular imaging
Prof. Achim Walter, Smart agriculture
Prof. Jing Wang, Air quality control
ETH spin-off MaxWell Biosystems, Bioelectronics



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