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16.06.2017 | News | 3 Comments

A new view of the world

The Swiss World Atlas has been published in a completely revised new edition. In addition to the usual topographic relief maps, it also contains maps on current global issues such as the environment, energy and conflicts. Read more 

07.06.2017 | News

More concepts, fewer facts

ETH biology lecturers have tested secondary school leavers and students to determine their knowledge of biological concepts. And they have drawn some sobering conclusions: many misunderstand the concepts, such as the importance of chance in biology. Now, the lecturers are taking action. Read more 

27.05.2017 | News

Students showcase their practical skills

In the focus projects, teams of mechanical engineering students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice and develop new technological solutions independently over the course of two semesters. ETH News caught up with two teams that are developing an innovative wind power plant and an incubator for skin cells. Read more 

13.04.2017 | News

Getting to know ETH's top talents

Patrons of the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme (ESOP) got to know scholarship students at yesterday's Meet the Talent 2017. Read more 

25.03.2017 | News

What morals do intelligent machines have and need?

Sometimes it’s the questions, rather than the answers, that show how the world is changing. For example, questions about the moral consequences of machines and computers becoming more intelligent. A group of ETH students have tackled this issue. Read more 

21.03.2017 | News

Start with the users

An app for building managers – or data glasses that help you learn physics concepts? During the first "SPH Innovation Challenge", ETH students spent a week working on their own project ideas. Set up as a pilot station in autumn 2016, the Student Project House on the Hönggerberg campus provided the necessary space and resources. Read more 

05.03.2017 | News

Learning languages on the Hönggerberg campus

Language courses in books and on DVD, foreign language films and game evenings in the language you are learning – the new Self-Access Centre on the Hönggerberg campus, which was recently opened by ETH Rector Sarah Springman, offers all this and more. Read more 

04.03.2017 | Globe magazine

Let us out!

Smartphones, not identification keys; biodiversity, not species memorisation: Environmental scientists’ field trips are now a lot more practical. The fact that they can go on field trips at all comes down to the students’ own persistence. Read more 

03.03.2017 | News

Mathematics as a key competency

Data collection and analysis is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. This is particularly true for the economic and societal development of poorer nations. That’s why mathematical education in these countries is in urgent need of improvement, as was shown at Wednesday’s Science and Development Forum. Read more 

09.02.2017 | Press release | 1 Comment

Medicine and data science as future focuses

Medicine and data science are top priorities for the ETH Zurich Executive Board. Initiatives such as the new Bachelor’s degree course in medicine, new continuing education programmes or the return of the Cybathlon in 2020 demonstrate that ETH wants to use its knowledge more directly for the good of society. Read more 

08.02.2017 | News | 1 Comment

Assessing assessments

How someone learns depends largely on how they are assessed. To help ETH retain its leading position in the education of young talent, about 100 educational decision makers from ETH Zurich attended a two-day retreat on the topic of assessment. Read more 

20.12.2016 | News

More discussions during classes

For students, the end of the autumn semester marks the beginning of an intensive period of lecture revision. New forms of teaching such as flipped classrooms promote independent student learning during the semester. In the Department of Biology, this teaching method is being particularly encouraged. Read more 

14.12.2016 | Press release

ETH can densify at Hönggerberg

The City Council has approved ETH’s Campus Hönggerberg 2040 masterplan. This updates the existing masterplan and serves as a planning basis for the future development of the Hönggerberg campus. Read more 

13.12.2016 | News | 2 Comments

The secret to good teaching

ETH Professor John Lygeros has won the CS Award for Best Teaching. The award winner is constantly developing innovative teaching concepts – and his students love it. Read more 

06.12.2016 | Press release

Launch of media tech initiative

ETH Zurich will establish a professorship and new centre for media technology together with media companies Tamedia, Ringier and the NZZ Media Group. The centre aims to better integrate research and practical applications and to help the Swiss media sector make use of technological advances. Read more 

03.11.2016 | News

Congratulations to students who passed their first-year exams

Over the past two days, all students who passed their first-year exams have been rewarded with a hoodie. And just like last year, the Rector was on hand to present some hoodies in person. Read more 

04.10.2016 | News

ETH students tackle waste problems

An unusual study project with tangible benefits: ETH students work on solutions to the urgent waste problem on the island nation of the Seychelles, along with their counterparts from the University of Seychelles and representatives from the local authorities and government. Read more 

25.09.2016 | News

Learn how to walk

At first glance, exoskeletons conjure up images of futuristic robots from science fiction films. But the exoskeleton from the ETH team VariLeg is a real-life aid that could allow people with paraplegia to walk again. Read more 

16.09.2016 | News

Letting ideas flow

Water was the focus of ETH Week 2016. For the second edition of this week-long event, ETH Zurich called on bachelor's and master's students from all departments to approach a subject creatively and develop collective solutions. Read more 

14.09.2016 | Press release

Rising numbers of students

On Monday, 2,843 undergraduates are expected to start their studies at ETH Zurich. The total number of students at the university and the number of applications for master’s degrees will both reach a record high in the new semester. Read more 

07.09.2016 | Globe magazine | 3 Comments

Studying medicine at ETH

Beginning in autumn 2017, ETH Zurich will be offering 100 places on its Bachelor’s degree course in medicine, an innovative course that combines medicine with natural sciences. Read more 

06.09.2016 | News

A humanities perspective on natural sciences and technology

‘Science in Perspective’ is the name of a new study programme at ETH Zurich that will teach students of natural sciences and engineering the overarching normative, historical and cultural perspectives of their subject. Read more 

21.06.2016 | News

A flexible format for first-year exams

From next semester, undergraduate students in four departments will be able to take their first-year exams in two separate blocks as part of a pilot project. For the first time, students will be able to sit exams after their first semester and will therefore find out sooner whether they are suited to their course of study. Read more 

18.06.2016 | Globe magazine

Top-speed knowledge transfer

In an age of lifelong learning, returning to the classroom over and over is the norm. ETH is no exception, which is why continuing education will be accorded more importance here in future. Read more 

16.06.2016 | Zukunftsblog

Sustainable Catering on the Campus

We usually envision sustainable development in the halls of academia as research and teaching in environmental sciences, engineering and architecture. What we barely think of, however, is food – and food on campus even less. This is what our initiative aims to change. Read more 

31.05.2016 | News

Recovering hidden treasures and building boats

Creativity, skill and most of all team spirit are what matter in the innovation and focus projects undertaken in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at ETH Zurich. Students spend months working on their technical innovations, which they will present today in the main ETH building. Read more 

28.05.2016 | News

The Manifesta Pavilion has been anchored

Thirty architecture students from ETH Zurich’s Studio Tom Emerson have made their first venture into a large-scale project. After ten months of intensive work, the Pavilion of Reflections is ready on time for the opening of the Manifesta 11 European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Zurich. Read more 

27.05.2016 | News

18 professors appointed at ETH Zurich

The ETH Board has appointed 18 professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the application submitted by ETH Zurich President Lino Guzzella. Read more 

25.05.2016 | News

Creative proofs with pigeons and boxes

A principle may be simple, but in mathematics it can be the key to the solution of challenging problems. The pigeonhole principle is a good starting point for students who want to get to know the creative side of proofs. Read more 

28.04.2016 | News

Mirko Meboldt is honoured for an innovative teaching concept

For the first time, ETH Zurich has presented its KITE Award for innovative teaching concepts. The university recognised ETH Professor Mirko Meboldt for his “Innovation Project” and “Leading Engineering Projects and Coaching Design Teams” courses. Read more 

24.04.2016 | News

Talent meets opportunity

This Tuesday, “Meet the Talent 2016” will give patrons the chance to get to know scholarship students and learn more about their research projects. Rector Sarah Springman explains what she is hoping for from the event. Read more 

10.03.2016 | Zukunftsblog

Welches Wachstum wollen wir?

Derzeit findet die vierte Nachhaltigkeitswoche an fünf Zürcher Hochschulen statt. Für jeden Tag halten die Organisatoren eine zentrale Forderung bereit – die vom Montag lautet: Mehr wachstumskritische Wirtschaftstheorien zu lehren und erforschen. An einem Podium zum Thema diskutierten Fachleute darüber, ob Wachstum erstrebenswert sei. Read more 

23.12.2015 | News

From gigantic planets to tiny images

From the smallest ever printed colour image and the world’s largest plant seeds to the darkest matter in the infinite expanse of the universe – over the past year, ETH research has focussed on all animate and inanimate aspects of the natural world, presenting fascinating results and ingenious inventions. ETH News again looks back on the past year with a selection of highlights from 2015. Read more 

17.12.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Bread and games: Agricultural sciences at ETH

Agricultural sciences? Can you still study that? And what is it good for? These are questions that teachers and students in this subject are always asked. Yet these degree programmes are now more relevant than ever – not only due to the new BSc and MSc regulations that will come into effect in autumn semester 2016. Read more 

12.12.2015 | News

How students envisage the Zurich campus

The Zurich City University District should be developed into a knowledge and health care cluster. For their master's theses in the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich students developed scenarios outlining what an urban campus in the heart of the city of Zurich could look like. Read more 

05.12.2015 | Globe magazine

A rocket boost for master’s degree students

The Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme offers support to the best incoming master’s degree students. Globe meets three talented individuals at various stages of their journeys and gives an insight into what the programme means for them. Read more 

28.11.2015 | News

Well prepared for the first session

A working group headed by Michael Ambühl, Professor of Negotiation at ETH Zurich, held an introductory event this week for 14 of the newly elected members of the federal parliament from the different parties and cantons. Read more 

28.10.2015 | News

Congratulations with a hoodie

Bachelor students who passed their first-year examinations were given a special hoodie from ETH Rector Sarah Springman – as congratulations for passing their exams but also to strengthen the students' bond with their university. Read more 

27.10.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Vorkämpfer, Vordenker und Vorbilder für die Raumplanung Schweiz

Die Schweizer Raumplanung kann für die anstehenden Aufgaben viel von ihren Pionieren lernen. Diese setzten sich leidenschaftlich für einen Schutz der Landschaft und die nachhaltige Planung und Gestaltung des Lebensraums ein. Mit der Ausstellung «Die Schweiz plant» eröffnet die ETH Zürich erstmals einen Blick auf diese Pionierleistungen. Read more 

26.09.2015 | News

What physics students can learn from philosophers

Philosophical considerations do not take centre stage in a physics degree. However, a new seminar is providing physics students with an insight into the process of philosophical debate and reflection. This also teaches them about how their subject works and how new theories are formed. Read more 

11.09.2015 | Press release

Universities plan innovative programme for medical studies

The University of Basel, the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich will together launch a new course of study in medicine. Participants would study at ETH Zurich for their bachelor’s degrees and go on to complete a master’s degree at one of the partner universities. Read more 

10.09.2015 | Press release

More female students than ever before

On Monday 2,837 students are expected to take up their places on undergraduate degree programmes at ETH Zurich. The courses in engineering sciences are especially popular. The proportion of female students has risen markedly and now stands for the first time at just under 33 percent. The total number of people studying at ETH continues to grow. Read more 

09.09.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Nähr-Stoff für differenziertes Denken

Seit Sonntag beschäftigen sich knapp 130 ETH-Studierende aus über 25 Ländern und mehr als 40 Studienrichtungen mit herausfordernden Fragen der Welternährung: Es ist die erste «ETH Woche», in der 12 interdisziplinäre Teams nach kreativen Lösungen für gesellschaftlich relevante Probleme suchen. Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen dieses neuen Lehrformats. Read more 

28.08.2015 | News

Thinking outside the box

Design Thinking is an innovation method that puts people centre stage when developing new ideas. For the first time, ETH Zurich is offering master’s students in any field a course on this approach to innovation. Read more 

26.08.2015 | News

“An extra expenditure that paid off!”

Ten years ago, ETH Zurich began collaborating with TU Delft and RWTH Aachen on a trinational Joint Master Programme in Applied Geophysics. We asked Professor of Geophysics Hansruedi Maurer what ETH Zurich has learned from the pioneering project. Read more 

26.06.2015 | News

Tried, trusted – and up to date

In their fourth semester, students on the ETH Bachelor in Environmental Sciences course discover the joys of integrated practicals – a cornerstone of the programme ever since the Department of Environmental Systems Science was founded. Read more 

06.06.2015 | News

Learn German at turbo speed

The Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich has developed a new, nine-month intensive German course. This highly practical course aims to open the way for better integration of doctoral students from outside Switzerland. The graduates of the first course have plenty of success stories to share. Read more 

21.05.2015 | News

Ten years of technology and economics

The Department of Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC) is celebrating its tenth anniversary. In both its research and teaching, the department explores the interfaces between technology and economics. Graduates with in-depth knowledge in these areas are in high demand on the labour market. Read more 

16.03.2015 | News

Effective leadership through self-reflection

Teaching at ETH Zurich is breaking new ground: in one teaching project, students are solving real tasks – and those tasks are set by businesses, not by the university. Another project looks at how lively debate can help participants to develop solid arguments. Read more 

16.03.2015 | News

Effective leadership through self-reflection

Teaching at ETH Zurich is breaking new ground: in one teaching project, students are solving real tasks – and those tasks are set by businesses, not by the university. Another project looks at how lively debate can help participants to develop solid arguments. Read more 

09.03.2015 | Globe magazine

Full steam ahead

A training centre, not a games room: students and SBB trainees alike learn their trade in the ETH railway operations laboratory. Read more 

05.03.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Nachhaltige Taschen und die Landwirtschaft der Zukunft

Dieser Tage findet zum dritten Mal die Nachhaltigkeitswoche statt, an der nun fünf Hochschulen beteiligt sind. Der Auftakt wartete unter anderem mit einem Gespräch mit Nachhaltigkeitspionier Markus Freitag und einer Podiumsdiskussion zu einer zukünftigen nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft auf. Read more 

19.02.2015 | News

A laboratory for the real world

The new MSc programme in Science, Technology and Policy offered at ETH Zurich aims to equip natural scientists, engineers and architects with the necessary skills in order to provide academic support for and help shape political, economic and social decision-making processes. Read more 

16.02.2015 | News

Knowing how to exchange knowledge across disciplinary borders

Vartan Kurtcuoglu crosses the border between medicine and mechanical engineering: at the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich graduate develops medical computer models for the heart and kidneys. Anyone who studies under him soon learns what to be aware of in interdisciplinary projects. Read more 

13.02.2015 | News

Inspiring a journey of discovery

A very special kind of course catalogue has just been released. The first ever Critical Thinking annual programme presents ETH (teaching) events that focus on cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills. Read more 

04.02.2015 | News

At the cutting edge of the architecture of the future

The Master of Advanced Studies ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication is a new continuing education programme initiated by the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication and ETH Zurich. From September, students from all over the world will be able to study innovative methods of construction and design. Read more 

06.01.2015 | Zukunftsblog

Wie die Nachhaltigkeit in der Lehre verankern?

Unsere Gesellschaft auf die Bahn einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung zu lenken, liegt in der Hand der jungen Generation, also auch der ETH-Absolventinnen und -Absolventen. Aber vielen Studierenden fehlt der Bezug zu Nachhaltigkeitsthemen. Neue Ansätze in der Lehre könnten Abhilfe schaffen. Read more 

09.12.2014 | Press release

New ETH chair of Physical Activity and Health

ETH Zurich and the Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation are set to expand their research and teaching collaboration. ETH Zurich will establish a new chair to study how physical activity affects human physiology and long-term well-being. The Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation is supporting the creation of the Chair of Physical Activity and Health with 10 million Swiss francs over a 10-year period. Read more 

09.12.2014 | News | 1 Comment

Students should be made ready not just for examinations but for the future

Professor Eric Mazur uses modern teaching methods in his work at the elite American university of Harvard. The winner of the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education sets great store by teamwork and an interactive approach in his classes. This is of particular benefit to female students. Read more 

08.12.2014 | Zukunftsblog

Nachhaltig essen in der Mensa

Nachhaltige Ernährung gehört zu den Forschungsschwerpunkten der ETH Zürich. Aber wir wollen das Thema nicht nur beforschen, sondern auch praktische Schlüsse daraus ziehen. Um Nachhaltigkeit in der Ernährung auch «zu Hause» auf dem Campus zu leben, haben wir im Sommer 2013 das Pilotprojekt «Nachhaltige Gastronomie an der ETH Zürich» ins Leben gerufen. Read more 

24.11.2014 | News

Effective learning with Wikibooks

Associate professor Thomas Haslwanter motivates his students to contribute to Wikibooks to create a written record of his course. Over the past six years, a 200-page compendium on the subject of sensory systems has emerged and is freely available on the internet. Read more 

12.11.2014 | News

ETH Zurich to host Amgen scholars

ETH Zurich joins a network of top education institutions to bridge the gap between engineering sciences and medicine through its collaboration with the Amgen Foundation Scholars Program. Read more 

28.10.2014 (Updated: 09.09.2015) | News

We learn mathematics more easily if we talk about examples

Good results at school – what do they take? Pressure to perform and special tutoring? Collaborative learning in a group? Elsbeth Stern, an ETH researcher on learning, is discussing the first of these questions today in a Treffpunkt platform debate, while the second is being studied by her team. Read more 

09.10.2014 | Press release | 1 Comment

Zurich spin-off enables professorship of rehabilitation engineering

ETH Zurich has established a new Chair of Rehabilitation Engineering with the appointment of Professor Roger Gassert to the position. The chair is affiliated to the Department of Health Sciences and Technology and will be financially supported over the coming decade with a donation of CHF 1 million from the Zurich-based company Hocoma. Read more 

29.09.2014 | News | 1 Comment

If one link fails, the entire chain breaks

From 2017 onwards, Switzerland is to control its immigration policy independently. This policy jeopardises ETH Zurich's position as a top university in the world in the long term, as ETH Rector Lino Guzzella explained to members of parliament last week. Read more 

26.09.2014 | News

Flexible teaching at ETH Zurich

The traditional lecture may still be an integral part of everyday student life, but ETH Zurich’s flexible auditorium is paving the way for new forms of teaching. Read more 

18.09.2014 | News | 2 Comments

A calculator provides information on ETH scholarships

ETH Zurich is creating more transparency with a scholarship calculator: the new web application calculates the amount of a potential scholarship for ETH students. Read more 

11.09.2014 | Press release

Engineering increasingly popular

A projected 2,805 students will begin their Bachelor’s degrees at ETH Zurich on Monday – the highest number of first-semester students in the institution’s history. More and more new students are choosing degree programmes in computer science, electrical engineering and health sciences. Master’s programmes have also seen record numbers of applicants and admissions. Read more 

21.08.2014 | News

App learns Swiss dialects

Writing text messages or emails in Swiss German on mobile phones or tablets will soon be simpler, thanks to an app developed by ETH. Read more 

11.07.2014 | News | 8 Comments

Sarah Springman to become Rector of ETH Zurich

The ETH Board confirmed today that Sarah Springman, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, is to become the new Rector of ETH Zurich. Alongside Lino Guzzella, who will move from the office of Rector to the Presidency, Springman will help shape the future of ETH Zurich as part of the Executive Board from January 2015. Read more 

11.07.2014 | News | 1 Comment

Closer ties between MIT and ETH

ETH Rector Lino Guzzella took the opportunity to cultivate the university’s good relationship with MIT during a recent trip to the US. He’s coming back with a student exchange agreement and some fresh ideas for energy research projects. Read more 

11.07.2014 | News

A resounding success for vocational education and training at ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich trains around 170 apprentices as part of its vocational education and training programme. A total of 56 apprentices and trainees specialising in commercial and technical occupations have passed their final apprenticeship examination – the “Lehrabschlussprüfung” (LAP) – at ETH Zurich this year. Read more 

04.06.2014 | News

Reconciling a city with its river

The inhabitants of Jakarta have a difficult relationship with their river: it’s a waste carrier and an unwelcome guest in houses and on streets during the rainy season. ETH architecture students worked on concepts to reconcile the river with the city. Their ideas are currently on show at the Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. Read more 

26.05.2014 | News

Hearty enthusiasm for beach art and ski touring

A robot that can create works of art in the sand and a ski-touring boot that facilitates natural movement: these are just two of eleven innovative ideas being presented by engineering students from ETH Zurich at the launch of this year’s focus projects. Read more 

19.05.2014 | News

Robotic squid and honeycomb turbines

Undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) have once again given their all and in late May will be presenting 11 new projects developed over the past year. ETH News takes a closer look at two of them. Read more 

14.05.2014 | News

Learning 2.0 with adaptive software

The internet is a great learning tool, which is why ETH Zurich is currently developing and evaluating several web learning platforms. These include adaptive learning programs, apps and globally available video lectures. Read more 

09.05.2014 | News

An evening with bright young talent

Scholarship holders from the “Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme” presented their work to their patrons at 2014’s “Meet the Talent” event, while ETH Rector Lino Guzzella thanked donors. Read more 

16.04.2014 | News

Training engaged in a balancing act

Do future civil engineers at ETH Zurich really learn what they will need in their working lives? And what will their training look like in future? A panel with representatives of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering and industry discussed these topics. Read more 

08.04.2014 | News

Robots go for goal

Students from ETH Zurich made their debut at the Standard Platform League’s Robocup, a football championship for robots, this year. Their “dwarves” put in a solid performance. Read more 

25.03.2014 | News

Dropping out is not the end of the world

ETH Zurich does not abandon its students. For almost all problems there is always a port of call, for instance an academic adviser or coach. However, the fear of failure is still considerable. Read more 

20.03.2014 | News | 1 Comment

New ideas for the “IDEA League”

With the Swedish Chalmers University, another top university has joined the “IDEA League”. This European university grouping is aiming to cooperate even more closely, while its joint doctoral study programme is entering its second round. Read more 

11.03.2014 | News

Welcoming the world’s elite

The Institute for Theoretical Studies has welcomed the first top scientist to spend a research sabbatical at ETH Zurich. The American physicist Terry Hwa kicks off a highly promising series. Read more 

07.03.2014 | Globe magazine

Student accomodation: Mutually rewarding

Today, it’s difficult for students to find reasonably priced accommodation in Zurich. So the Housing Office of University and ETH Zurich is delighted when private living space is opened up to students. The example of ETH alumnus Roland Hänni shows that this can be rewarding for the landlord, too. He and his wife have taken not one, but two students into their home. Read more 

05.03.2014 | News

A Master’s degree course for more energy efficiency in building

A new Master’s degree programme combines competencies from architecture and engineering to create comprehensive expertise in the planning of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The first students will start their course in autumn. Read more 

27.02.2014 | News

New ideas from the US

An ETH delegation visited Stanford University in November. Its aim was to find out what new approaches the US university is taking to teaching. The report is now available. Read more 

17.01.2014 | News

Working with Matlab becomes easier

ETH Zurich now has a campus-wide licence for the programming language Matlab. Students and researchers can download this much-used software onto their own PCs. Read more 

06.12.2013 | Globe magazine

A mathematician of the world

Michel Liès, CEO of Swiss Re, headed out into the big, wide world when still a young mathemati­cian. For the last thirty years he has been active on the international stage for the Swiss reinsurance company. Read more 

21.11.2013 | News

A reach for the stars

Since this autumn, the Department of Physics has a modern telescope that allows students and junior researchers in astrophysics to observe and measure planets, stars and galaxies. Read more 

12.11.2013 | News

"Negotiating is both an art and a science"

As a diplomat, Michael Ambühl was responsible for some of Switzerland's most important foreign policies. Now he is professor at ETH Zurich, sharing his expertise. Read more 

08.11.2013 | News

An app for historic hiking trails

ETH student Johannes Gerber is a passionate Suonen hiker and has developed a useful outdoor application in his Master project. Read more 

21.10.2013 | News

How to avoid culture shock

Master students from abroad share their first impressions of Switzerland and the Swiss. Samuel van den Bergh, expert on intercultural management, shows them how to see beyond the stereotypes. Read more 

23.09.2013 | News

New online courses at ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is committed to online teaching. In contrast to other universities, ETH intends to make its own students the primary beneficiaries of its online activities. Read more 

07.01.2013 | Press release

Young researchers show entrepreneurial spirit

Researchers from ETH Zurich founded twenty-two new spin-offs in 2012. The number of company foundations has thus remained constant at around twenty in recent years. Last year, ETH Zurich spin-offs received over ten million Swiss Francs in investments. Read more 

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