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IT student services

The IT Services «Informatikdienste (ID)» offers all registered ETH students, auditors, and special students the following free basic IT services:

  • nethz account (ETH login)
  • mailbox with 200 MB memory
  • ETH-wide available personal home directory with 2 GB disk space
  • personal ETH website for scholastic work
  • polybox with 50 GB «Dropbox»-similar on campus storage
  • IT Shop with software for free
  • public computer labs equipped with Office, web, programming tools, mathematical software
  • on campus internet access with Wi-Fi or cable
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for off-campus access to ETH network

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Leaving ETH

Leaving ETH, your IT services will have different expiration dates.

Email, home directory, and website are valid until five months after departure before being deleted. Other services have a shorter validity.

You will receive an email prior to expiration. For a more exact timeline please consult «meine Daten» at

Information about leaving ETH (PDF, 286 KB)

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