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Students can get involved in the student union VSETH or one of the faculty associations.  

The opportunity to interact with fellow students from a wide range of disciplines and at different stages of their studies can enrich campus life.


VSETH stands for «Verband der Studierenden an der ETH Zürich» (Union of students at ETH Zurich) and is the umbrella organisation for the faculty associations.

Main duties of VSETH

  • to represent the students and protect their interests
  • to set up and promote services
  • to promote cultural and scientific interests


VSETH forms commissions for special fields of activity such as student events, business contacts, environmental issues or cultural affairs. The commissions sometimes work with international networks and offer the opportunity for students to challenge themselves and gain new experiences.

Council of Members

The Council of Members (Mitgliederrat, MR) is the highest body of VSETH and is responsible for defining its policy. It holds public meetings once per semester. The delegates on the Council of Members represent the individual faculty associations and the permanent commissions.

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