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Academic records and certificates are only issued once in the original. However, a transcript (in the language of the original) or a certified copy (as long as an original copyable document is available) can be made.

Photocopies or transcripts of academic records and/or certificates may be ordered from the Registrar’s Office. Please specify whether you need a simple copy or a certified copy.  

If you completed your studies many years ago (at the end of the 1970s or earlier) and no copy of your academic record or diploma is found in the archives, a duplicate must be issued. Delivery will take about two weeks. In special cases costs may be higher than those mentioned under fees. You will be informed in advance if this is the case.

For duplicates of very old documents it would help us if you supplied a copy, should one remain.

  • Last name / first name at the time of your studies
  • Date of birth
  • Degree programme (discipline) and, and for older documents, "Abteilung" (faculty)
  • Date of issue of the original document or year / semester
  • Current last name / first name and postal address

For duplicates or copies of academic records and certificates in connection with the Swiss federal gymnastics and sports teaching diploma (Eidg. dipl. Turn- und Sportlehrer) please see here

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