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The Student Exchange Office runs a number of worldwide exchange programmes with partner universities around the globe.  

Your chances of getting a place on an exchange are good, although we cannot make any guarantees.

ETH Zurich runs two types of worldwide exchange programme:

Student Exchange Office application deadline

for both programmes is 10 January 2018, 24:00, for the following academic year.

Please note any deadlines in the departments which are earlier or later than this.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

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Conditions for participating

Information on the conditions for participating may be found on Conditions and preparation for an exchange and List of worldwide programmes.

Please note that some universities have special prerequisites for their exchange programmes, e.g. that the Bachelor’s degree must be completed before the exchange begins.

If you go on an exchange to attend courses you may spend 1 or according to the university 2 semesters on a worldwide programme.

Partner universities

An overview on all partner universities by country:
List of worldwide programmes


Students who take part in a worldwide exchange programme usually receive a mobility scholarship of CHF 1500.00 per semester from the Student Exchange Office. No special application is required for this; at the given time you will receive a scholarship contract by email, which you should sign and upload again to Mobility-Online.

Travel allowances
Applications for the travel allowance must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before the exchange begins. For further information please see the corresponding Financial Aid Office webpage. Exchange students should enclose a copy of the «Confirmation of Nomination» sent to them by email to confirm their request (point E).

Further scholarships 
For further scholarships please see our scholarships webpage or the websites of partner universities.

ETH Zurich «Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme» scholarships are suspended for the duration of the exchange.

Language requirements

An English language test is compulsory for many worldwide exchange programmes. See the respective partner university requirements on the List of worldwide programmes.

Bilingual students/ students with English as a native language cannot assume that they are automatically exempt from handing in the required language certificate. This needs to be checked individually with the respective host university. Students concerned must therefore contact the Student Exchange Office early on and at least one month before the application deadline.

The language certificate is an obligatory part of the application. Any language certificates must therefore be obtained before the application deadline and submitted with the application, together with any required confirmations.

Bachelor’s / Master’s theses and research papers

ETH Zurich worldwide exchange programmes are primarily open to students who wish to attend courses.

In some cases, however, it is possible to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis project or a research paper abroad. For further information see the list of worldwide programmes. In any case please contact the programme’s contact person early to discuss the matter.

Further possibilities: Research projects


ETH-wide programmes are open to all students, provided that the respective discipline is offered at the partner university. Please take note of any restrictions.

For information about the partner universities please see the list of worldwide programmes.

When you apply you may enter three potential ETH-wide partner universities worldwide.

Important: Please make sure that you satisfy the prerequisites of every partner university for which you apply.

Find out about any application deadlines in your department which are earlier or later than those of the Student Exchange Office.

The ETH-wide exchanges selection is conducted by the Student Exchange Office.


Departmental programmes are programmes where ETH Zurich departments have made individual agreements with departments/institutes of partner universities. See List of worldwide programmes

If you are interested in a departmental programme and a corresponding agreement exists, ask your Departmental Exchange Coordinator early on whether it would be possible for you to be nominated.

Find out about any application deadlines in your department which are earlier or later than those of the Student Exchange Office.

The departmental programmes selection is conducted in the departments.

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