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The term ‘programme deadlines’ is defined in the Admission Ordinance ETH Zurich (in German)  and the ETH Zurich Ordinance on Performance Assessments (in German) . It denotes all deadlines affecting degree programmes, in particular

  • the maximum permitted duration of studies for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, and the didactic degree programmes;
  • deadlines for registering for / deregistering from performance assessments;
  • deadlines by which performance assessments must be undertaken, e.g. first-year examinations (first attempt), first-year examinations (repetition); deadlines regarding additional requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme;
  • individual deadlines set by the Rector.

The normal duration of studies of each degree programme is set out in the respective programme regulations, as well as the maximum permitted duration of studies. Current programme regulations may be found in the Collection of Legal Documents ETH Zurich (in German, "Rechtssammlung") .

All academic deadlines continue to apply even if a student enrols for a semester's leave.

Personal responsibility – Planning ahead – Submitting a request

The programme deadlines applying to each particular student (e.g. first-year examinations, maximum permitted duration of studies or the latest deadline for requesting the issue of the degree according to Art. 24 / 27 of the Leistungskontrollenverordnung ETH Zürich (ETH Zurich Ordinance on Performance Assessments) are always displayed in myStudies under ‘Letztmögliche Termine’ (Final deadlines).

It is the student’s responsibility to keep an eye on these deadlines and to comply with them. The student must plan his/her curriculum accordingly.

It is the student’s responsibility to take timely measures if unexpected circumstances (which include both health problems and planned absences such as military service) arise which slow the regular course of the degree programme and threaten or hinder the keeping of deadlines.

The Rector may extend programme deadlines if cogent grounds are submitted at the proper time.

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