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Semester enrolment is done via web application myStudies

In January and July, all matriculated students are sent an e-mail regarding the opening of the semester enrolment.

Please enrol as early as possible and by no later than the end of the second week of the semester. This deadline is also binding on those students who are planning to take leave of absence for a semester.

Course enrolment should also be done as early as possible to give the lecturers an approximate idea of the student numbers prior to the start of the semester (this is important for the preparation of exercises, practical sessions etc.). This does not yet commit you: If you realize in the first two or three weeks of the semester that you do not wish to attend a course after all, just erase this enrolment until the end of the fourth semester week at the latest.
Please note that restrictions apply to registration to specific, marked course units.

A charge of CHF 50 is automatically added to the semester invoice for late enrolments (possible for a short period of time only). Any student who fails to enrol despite having been issued with a reminder, will be deregistered.

If you wish to withdraw from ETH Zurich, please find the respective information here.

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