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Students provide a wide range of services for their fellow students on their own initiative.  

By students for students

ETH Entrepreneur Club
A student initiative aiming to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students.

KOSTA (in German)
The foundation KOSTA organizes festivals and parties.

Nightline Zurich
Nighlline Zurich is an idependent helpline for students of ETHZ and UZH. It offers the possibility to speak about small and big problems anonymously.

Photography Lab (in German)
The Photography Lab Committee runs photography labs for developing and enlarging black-and-white films and also offers introductory courses.

SOSeth (in German)
Cinema, radio and media services

SPOD (in German)
SPOD (Student Print On Demand) offers the printing of lecture notes and former examination series. Additionally, SPOD prints magazines for student associations.

VSETH Book Market "Bücherbörse" (in German)
At the VSETH book market you can sell and buy used books in a straightforward way.

VSETH Kulturstelle
The "Kulturstelle" aims to convey Zurich's cultural richness as well as to support students in their artistic projects.

VSETH Music rooms
VSETH offers 11 music rooms.

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