Summer academies 2017


The summer academies of the Swiss Study Foundation are open to all students of the Swiss higher education institutions. The participation is free of charge, except a cost sharing in the amount of CHF 200.00.

In interdisciplinary groups of fifteen to twenty persons, the participants will be introduced into new fields of knowledge by experts and will work out different subject areas independently.

The following summer academies will be offered:

  • Cultural evolution and religion
  • Health planning and management in settings with limited resources
  • Big data - small citizen? - the challenges of machine learning from the data perspective
  • Sensomotoric principles of social cognition - new insights into social behaviour
  • Summer academy «Globalisation - Globalisierung»

Two to four lecturers will guarentee an individual assistance.

The schools will take place in educational centres in the countryside.

Summer academies of the Swiss Study Foundation

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