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The «Akademische Vereinigung des Mittelbaus der ETH Zürich (AVETH)» - Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich represents the interests of non-faculty scientific staff at ETH.

The non-faculty scientific staff includes all assistants, doctoral students, senior assistants, postdocs and other higher-level scientific staff.

Main duties of AVETH

  • to represent scientific staff in all key commissions at ETH Zurich
  • to promote interaction and communication amongst scientific staff by organising professional and social events
  • to coordinate and support the faculty associations

Its aim is to work with the Executive Board and other organisations to make ETH Zurich a better place for scientific staff to learn, teach, conduct research and live.


The AVETH organisation is made up of the Board and the various working groups.

The AVETH also serves as the umbrella organisation for the Department associations for scientific staff, which represent doctoral students, postdocs and other scientific staff at departmental level.

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