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The Administrative Department "Educational Development and Technology (LET)" runs the evaluation application EvaSys to organise and conduct teaching evaluation at ETH Zurich. EvaSys is a commercial product from the company Electric Paper. EvaSys allows to evaluate course units and course modules very effectively and efficiently.

To whom is EvaSys available?

The evaluation software EvaSys is available to all involved units (rector, departments, degree programmes, lecturers, students) for the operational processing oft the "teaching evaluation of course units by students".

EvaSys performance features:

  • mapping of the organisational structure: department specific roles and access
  • flexibility: Anonymous or not anonymous, with password , email invitations
  • centrally and peripherally usable
  • powerful features for reports and quality management: Histograms, circles, lines, bar diagrams, signal light display etc.
  • a variety of interfaces: CSV, XML and SOAP

More information about EvaSys

  • Current version: 6.1
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