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The parking regulations contain important information about parking on ETH Zurich premises.

Parking Permits

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There are various parking options available on site for ETH Zurich employees: application form (PDF, 719 KB) (German)

Students (Hönggerberg campus only)

ETH Zurich students can obtain parking permit tokens for each semester from the Campus Info Hönggerberg for use in the Hönggerberg parking garage: application form (PDF, 180 KB) (German)

Work-related Travel Cards for Organisational Units

Work-related travel cards are only issued to the administration offices of educational, research or administrative units (charged on credit on a yearly basis). The relevant contact person is responsible for ensuring that these permits are not used to circumvent ordinary parking permits: application form (PDF, 99 KB) (German)

Motorcycle registration

All ETH employees who park in the garages with their motorbikes should register their motorbikes. The corresponding mark is to be displayed in the front steering area: application form (PDF, 162 KB)



Zentrum Hönggerberg
Parking surface impersonal
CHF 60.00/Mt.

Garage impersonal
CHF 120.00/Mt.

Garage personal
CHF 160.00/Mt.

Parking machine
CHF 2.00/h (06.00-17.00)
CHF 1.50/h (17.00-06.00)

Semester permit (students only)
CHF 200.00/Semester

Garage impersonal
CHF 60.00/Mt.


Parking machine
CHF 0.60/h

Available parking spaces

The two maps show where you can park at ETH Zurich:

Map Zentrum (PDF, 397 KB)

Map Hönggerberg (PDF, 420 KB)

Please note that, with the exception of personally allocated parking spaces, we cannot guarantee that free parking spaces will be available at any given time.

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