24-hour access to student working places

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ETH students have around-the-clock access to student working places, as far as compatible with the requirements relating to safety and operations processes.

The student working places at the following locations are available to use 24 hours a day. The ETH card provides the 24-hour access to the buildings.

24-hour student working places, Zentrum

Building Location, remark
CHN Long gallery (hall), floors E/F/G
Cafeteria/bistro, floor D
ETZ Entrance hall, floor E, next to staircase

24-hour student working places, Hönggerberg

Building Location, remark
HCI «Fusion meal/coffee», floor F,
blocking time: Mo-Fr, 6-8 am (cleaning) / 10:30am-3pm (lunch)
HCP Floor E, room E 44.1 and zone next to lecture rooms
HPH Floor G, behind lecture rooms G1/G2
HPR «Foodmarket», floor D, 7-11 am / 2 pm - 5 am
HWO HWC wing, floor/room E 11

Study center at main library, Uni Irchel

Building Location, remark
HBZ Study center Y63, access using the ETH card, daily 7am-11pm
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