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The integrity of the IT infrastructure is more important than ever at ETH Zurich as in any other large organisation. Many processes in research and teaching are supported directly with the use of functioning IT infrastructure. Imagine your workday without using any IT and you very quickly realise your work would be very limited in many areas.

SafeIT allows IT resources to be used in a safe manner.

What is safeIT?

safeIT is a security awareness programme for all employees and students of ETH Zurich with the goal of raising IT-security awareness. The safeIT campaign was commissioned and is supported by the executive school board and is a project managed by the IT Services of ETH Zurich. It is designed to help raise employee and student awareness regarding the use of informatics technology and tools. The safeIT-cartoons have been realised in cooperation with the IT Support Group (ISG) at the Department of Computer Science.

safeIT house rules

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