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From childcare to car sharing – there is a range of offers and benefits available to ETH Zurich employees which are designed to make their work and life easier.

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Offering childcare tailored to individual requirements is essential for an attractive university. Hello Kids! provides (expectant) parents help in finding a suitable childcare place in the city of Zurich or at place of residence. ETH Zurich subsidises the costs of childcare at facilities in the Zurich university area (kihz, KIKRI Zentrum, Irchelkrippe). The level of subsidy depends on the parents’ income. In accordance with the guidelines on Financial support for babies’ nursery places (PDF, 202 KB) (German), parents with babies (children aged under 18 months) who are not looked after by family members can apply for reimbursement of the difference in cost between a baby’s nursery place and an infant’s nursery place. For further information click here.

Continuing education and language courses

To maintain its status as one of the world’s leading universities in the long term, ETH Zurich sets itself ambitious performance targets. This is not just important in terms of education and research – it equally applies to the high standard of training of ETH Zurich members in all areas. Generous support is provided for training and continuing education activities which are undertaken in conjunction with work or which help enhance employability.

Language courses at various levels are available for attractive prices at the Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Catering and canteens

There is a diverse range of catering facilities available, with more than a dozen canteens and cafés serving lunchtime meals and snacks. Members of ETH Zurich benefit from discounted prices.

Health promotion

Health is a precious commodity. Starting our day with a healthy routine has a positive impact on our work and vice versa our work often affects our health.

Health promotion focuses on personal responsibility – ETH Zurich supports you with various offers

Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ)

The ASVZ offers a range of sporting activities, with more than 70 sports and other services available to ETH Zurich members for a minimal semester fee.

ETH Bibliothek (library)

The ETH-Bibliothek is one of the largest libraries in Switzerland and serves as the central university library for ETH Zurich. It also functions as a national centre for scientific information. It focuses particularly on supplying electronic information to university members and providing other publication and archiving services, which are largely free of charge to members of ETH Zurich.

SBB Railpasses

Staff with a level of employment of at least 50% who are employed for at least six months are entitled to a free Half-Fare travelcard or a 15% contribution towards the cost of a GA travelcard.

Car Sharing – Mobility

ETH Zurich employees with an ETH card, a driving licence which is valid in Switzerland and a confirmation of residence can try out the Mobility car sharing scheme in a free four-month trial. The annual Mobility subscription is available to ETH Zurich employees for a discounted price.

Private supplementary accident insurance

In addition to their compulsory accident insurance, ETH Zurich employees can also opt to take out private supplementary insurance from AXA Winterthur with attractive premiums. Amongst other things, this covers any additional costs for hospital treatment on a semi-private or private ward and any expenses incurred as a result of an accident abroad which are not covered by compulsory insurance. It also provides benefits in the event of disability or death.

Group health insurance

Employees usually receive a discount of 10% on almost all supplementary health insurances. For regulatory reasons, the insurance company Sympany may no longer offer a discount on supplementary insurances.

Federal Savings Bank

Employees of ETH Zurich can open an account with the Federal Savings Bank.

For retired Employees

ETH Zurich is keen to stay in touch with its retired employees and encourages them to continue to take part in ETH Zurich life. It offers various opportunities to do so in the context of special lunches, events and excursions. Retired employees also have the option to:

  • continue to receive the staff newsletter
  • set up an ETH Zurich e-mail account with a new e-mail address for easy communication
  • continue to use their ETH Zurich employee identity card and benefit from the attractive offers available to employees
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