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Highly trained and motivated staff are essential for achieving excellence in research and education. Personnel development is therefore of central importance at ETH Zurich.

While offering employees support and encouragement is a manager’s primary task, employees themselves must take responsibility for their personal qualifications and self-development. We provide a wide range of services designed to enhance your leadership, technical, methodological and social skills.

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Leadership principles

Our leadership principles (PDF, 58 KB) describe the values and basic approaches we advocate with regard to managing employees. These principles are binding for all staff at ETH Zurich and employees can rely on them.

Advisory services / leadership coaching / development opportunities

With over 400 research groups and numerous support teams, ETH Zurich is one of the most successful universities in the world. We consider it important not only to achieve success together, but also to offer our employees the opportunity to develop and thrive on an individual level too. We therefore provide a diverse range of advisory services to help:

  • resolve challenging management situations
  • deal with confidential matters
  • devise suitable continuing education opportunities
  • clarify career-related issues
  • report cases of discrimination

Further information on leadership and development and Human Resources courses for ETH employees.

Health promotion

As a general rule, performances are boosted by good health and a balanced lifestyle. ETH Zurich offers various opportunities and services designed to promote both these factors. We want our employees to take their own initiative, look after their health and try to establish a good work/life balance.

Human Resources courses

There are various courses available to employees of ETH Zurich (as well as, in exceptional cases, employees of research institutes within the ETH Domain), ranging from short events to seminars held over several days.

Career concepts for scientific employees

Career advancement for scientific employees is not primarily restricted to ETH Zurich; opportunities for progression are also available within international scientific communities. Our career concept sets out a path of development to Assistant Professor and eventually to Full Professor.

We support the best scientists in a given subject area by offering the continuing education opportunities they need to progress in their career, either within or outside ETH Zurich.

We also offer courses and advisory services to help you plan your career and further develop your social skills, thus enhancing your academic career prospects.

The Ordinance governing scientific employees and the concept Functions and development opportunities (PDF, 121 KB) present the development opportunities available to scientific employees at ETH Zurich and the conditions and requirements for each function.

Language courses

ETH Zurich has strong international links. Whilst English is the main language spoken in many research groups, knowledge of other languages and cultures is generally encouraged. We therefore offer support to help employees learn foreign languages: Language Center.

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