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ETH Zurich offers both a very international environment and outstanding framework conditions for teaching and research at the highest level. A state-of-the-art research infrastructure is the basis for cutting-edge research activities. Generous resources for personnel and equipment enable risk research as well; the startup funds ensured during the negotiations allow for a prompt implementation of research activities within the new ETH environment.

The central administration units lend support regarding all matters of third-party funding (including the Swiss National Science Foundation or EU Research Programmes), collaboration with industrial partners, foundation of spin-offs and other forms of research result transfer. Please refer to the following sites for additional information:

The high standards of the studies at ETH Zurich bring forth an outstandingly trained student body, creating an excellent recruitment pool for PhD candidates. The internationally recognised reputation of ETH Zurich attracts researchers of various career levels from outside of Switzerland. Hence, about two-thirds of all PhD candidates, postdocs and scientific members of staff have international backgrounds, which leads to a high diversity within ETH’s research groups.

ETH Zurich maintains flat hierarchies and the departments and individual professors enjoy a vast degree of flexibility. The central administration units are committed to both efficiency and effectivity und most obliging.

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The appointment procedure

Appointment negotiations

ETH Zurich's gender strategy on the professorial level

Presidential visiting professors

ETH Zurich’s most important investment in the future is its targeted search for excellent colleagues. During the past years, there have been many successful and noteworthy appointment procedures at ETH Zurich, triggering attention throughout their corresponding field of expertise around the world, where the successful appointment of the professor was the result of a former time spent as visitor to ETH Zurich.

All departments interested may invite highly qualified and most probably professionally mobile peers (appropriate age between 40 and 45) to ETH Zurich as visiting professors. The corresponding applications must be handed in to the Rector, explaining in detail the potential for later appointment with reference to the strategic development of the department. Presidential visiting professors do not debit the regular departmental budget for visiting professors. The financial contributions granted by the Executive Board, however, such as fees, travel expenses, etc., are the same as for regular visiting professors.

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