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Stay healthy – drink tap water. Because you do both your health and the environment a favor. Day by day.

Drinking water is an everyday need; it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day. Of course this is well known among students and staff at ETH Zurich. However, although Swiss tap water is of the highest quality, Swiss consumers are buying more and more bottled mineral water. But why? There are more sustainable solutions!

The Environmental Commission at ETH Zurich has compared the quality and environmental impact of tap water and bottled mineral water. The results do not surprise: according to measurements undertaken by the City of Zurich, tap water is at least as clean as bottled mineral water. At the same time, the environmental impact caused by tap water is significantly smaller.

The latter is shown and documented in a comparative study by Niels Jungbluth, whose methodology accounts for the entirety of the life cycle.

To promote the consumption of tap water as opposed to bottled mineral water, the team of ETH Sustainability has provided a number of students and staff with sustainable drinking bottles. By using these glass bottles on a daily basis, they can refill and drink as much water as they need to be healthy while at the same time reducing the overall environmental impact on the campus.

Bildquelle: http://www.retap.dk/photos
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The ETH Sustainability team distributes sustainable water bottles.

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