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Begrüssung Prof. Rolf Krebs

What does applied within applied science specifically mean? What does a best practice of opening a campus towards society look like?

About 25 participants from the network sustainability received answers to these questions in the gardens of ZHAW Wädenswil on campus Grüental. Organized by ETH Sustainability, ETH staff, administration and research representatives as well as alumni from former ETH sustainability activities participated in the excursion.

Algenreaktor an der ZHAW Wädenswil

As the event progressed, participants from ETH learned about examples of applied ZHAW-research, such as micro-algae and so-called aquaponics. In addition, ZHAW lecturers both from ecological engineering and scientific communication, explained how campus surroundings can function as a teaching tool.

Narrative Campusumwelt an ZHAW Wädenswil
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