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Within its various facilities and diverse activities, ETH Zurich generates a significant volume of waste. With a view to the environmental impact associated with waste, ETH Zurich is committed to developing sustainable solutions to waste management.


Paper consumption
in millions of A4 sheets of paper per year

Paper consumption
Source: ETH Zurich Sustainabillity Report 2015/2016

Redirecting waste stream

The overall goal of directing 50 percent of the waste volume into recycling streams was not achieved by the end of 2016. Depending on the building area and the corresponding material consumption requirements, the recycling quota varied between 17 and 100 percent. Considering the total waste volume of 2292 t in 2015 and 2004 t in 2016, university-wide recycling quotas of 47 percent (1087 t) and 37 percent (740 t) were reported. The remaining non-recyclable operational waste (1205 t in 2015 and 1264 t in 2016) was combusted. The waste volume generated at ETH Zurich has been slowly increasing over the past years due to the steady growth in student and employee numbers.

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