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The responsibility for content and finances at ETH Sustainability is held by a Steering Committee which includes Prof. Ralph Eichler (President ETH Zurich, Chairman), five professors currently researching in sustainability-related fields and the ETH Zurich sustainability delegate. In liaison with the ETH Sustainability Office, the Steering Committee decides which topics, initiatives and events will be addressed and implemented.

Chairman of the ETH Sustainability Steering Committee is Prof. Reto Knutti, head of the Climate Physics Group at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science.

Further members of the Steering Committee are seven ETH-professors who are currently researching in sustainability-related fields.

ETH Sustainability Steering Committee

NameRoomTelephone numberE-mail
Boulouchos, Konstantinos, Prof. Dr. ML J 39+41 44 632 56 48 
Buchmann, Nina, Prof. Dr. LFW C 56+41 44 632 39 59 
Gruber, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. CHN E 31.2+41 44 632 03 52 
Hellweg, Stefanie, Prof. Dr. HPZ E 31.2+41 44 633 43 37 
Hoffmann, Volker, Prof. Dr. WEV J 412+41 44 632 05 40 
Klumpner, Hubert, Prof. ONA J 14
Knutti, Reto, Prof. Dr. CHN N 12.1+41 44 632 35 40 

Dr. Christine Bratrich, Director of ETH Sustainability, is a non-voting member of the Steering Committee.

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