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Scientific publications

ETH Sustainability has issued two publications on the subject of sustainability in research. These works were a result of collaboration between Prof. Ralph Eichler (President ETH Zurich), Dr. Nikolaus Gotsch (Executive Manager Competence Center for the Environment and Sustainability CCES), Reto Largo (staff member Climate-KIC office) and Professor Renate Schubert (D-GESS).

Guest speakers

NCCR North-South Forum, November 2012, Bern

Christine Bratrich: NCCR North-South Forum: "Educating Change Agents for Sustainability – the ETH Sustainability Summer School Programme as an Example" (November 2012, Bern)

Sustainability Conference Basel, August 2012, Basel

Christine Bratrich: Sustainability Conference Basel: "Educating Change Agents for Sustainability" (August 2012, Basel)

KFPE annual conference, October 2010, Basel

Catherine Lippuner: KFPE annual conference 2010: "Sustainable solutions for urban housing" (Oktober 2010, Basel)

CROSSTALKS Vrije Universität, May 2010, Brussels

Christine Bratrich: CROSSTALKS Vrije Universität Brüssel (VUB): "Campus in Transition: Sustainability in the Institutional Mindset. Experiences from ETH Zurich" (May 2010, Brüssel)

ISCN/GULF conference, June 2009, Lausanne

Christine Bratrich: ISCN/GULF conference on Sustainable Academic and Corporate Campuses: "Integrating Sustainability into the Institutional Mindset" (Juni 2009, Lausanne)

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