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öbu – Swiss Sustainable Business Network

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The öbu is a network made up of 400 Swiss companies of various sizes and in different sectors which have come together to promote the future development of Swiss industry on sustainable principles. The öbu engages in projects concerning industry and politics and encourages the sharing of experience between its members. It works to create a political framework in which industry’s efforts to become more sustainable are supported and profitable. 


The Sustainability Forum Zürich (TSF)

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The Sustainability Forum Zürich (TSF) is an independent, charitable and politically impartial association that was founded by leading personalities in the fields of business, science and administration in Zurich. It focuses mainly on sustainability issues that are relevant to the financial services market. The association organises the annual "International Sustainability Leadership Symposium" and other opportunities for dialogue.


The Club of Rome

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The Club of Rome is a charitable organisation that is free of any political, ideological or religious affiliation. Its mission is to identify and analyse the most important problems facing humanity. It then communicates its insight into these problems to key decision-makers and to the general public, so that they can act as catalysts for sustainable change.


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