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Through its "Focus of the Year", ETH Zurich selects prevailing topics in sustainable development. It presents the latest scientific insights and proposes pragmatic options for action to political decision-makers.

2014: "Health"

Fokus des Jahres 2014

How does the health system of the future look like? What are the challenges of an aging society? How do we deal with ever increasing cases of chronic illnesses? What kind of innovations and concepts are needed to cover the growing healthcare costs? ETH Sustainability dedicates the focus of the year 2014 to the theme "Health".

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2013: "Urban and Spatial Planning"

Symbol image urban and spatial planning: Prime Tower in Zurich (Photo: KEYSTONE/Alessandro Della Bella)

How will future cities have to look like to meet the demands of a growing world population? Under which aspects of sustainable development will the agricultural system have to be developed in order to guarantee global food security? ETH Sustainability dedicates the focus on the year in 2013 to the theme "Urban and Spatial Planning".

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2012: "World Food"

Symbol image world food: grains (Photo: Shutterstock)

The question of how to feed the world, while considering human health, the environment, and social well-being is one of the defining challenges of our time. How and what will we eat tomorrow? What does it mean to produce and consume food responsibly? It is questions like these that ETH Sustainability put forth with its focus of the year in 2012. Activities were intended to support ETH’s World Food System Center (WFSC), which works towards "a healthy world through sustainable food systems".

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2011: "Energy Supply"

Symbold image energy supply: wind turbines (Photo: iStock)

What is the best way to meet our energy needs in a sustainable way while guaranteeing economic, social, and ecological acceptability? How do we tap the energy sources of the future? What technologies are and will be available to us? In 2011, ETH Sustainability placed its focus on the topic "Energy Supply".

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2009: "Climate Change"

Symbol image climate change: glacier (Photo: Shutterstock)

With their research, scientists at ETH Zurich contribute to a better understanding of our complex climate system. Motivated to prevent negative consequences of climate change, ETH Zurich provides innovative approaches to tackle the effects of global warming. Thus in 2009, the focus of the year was "Climate Change".

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