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On a regular basis, ETH Zurich invites to "ETH-Talks" that are dedicated to a particular facet of sustainability.

The aim is to foster a critical dialogue. With a special focus on the role of Switzerland, scientists of ETH Zurich present the state of the art in their fields of study to discuss the challenges and courses of action with representatives from politics, economy and society.

ETH-Talks are public. They are mainly aimed at decision-makers from economy, politics, and public administrations, associations, researchers, students, media, and the interested wider public.

ETH-Talks 2009-2014

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ETH Health Talk (2014)

ETH-TALK 2014  
ETH-Talk 2014 / Photo Frank Bruederli

"How can research contribute to a sustainable future healthcare system?"

This was the main topic of the ETH-Talk 2014

1.10.2014 - Switzerland has an excellent healthcare system and the general public is satisfied with the service it receives. However, over the coming years and decades many challenges will have to be addressed. One of the challenges is our aging society, which means that an increase in chronic illnesses can be expected. Therefore, the Federal Council approved a comprehensive strategy entitled "Gesundheit 2020" (Health 2020). Scientific research can contribute significantly to reaching the goal of developing a sustainable healthcare system.

At this year's event, ETH Zurich presented innovative research results in the areas of prevention, diagnostic investigations and therapy methods, which was then followed by an open panel and audience discussion.

Please read the full report on our German website.


ETH Spatial Planning Talk (2013)

Illustration zum Raumplanungsgespräch: Prime Tower in Zürich

Is Switzerland turning into a City? Solutions for sustainable spatial development

More information on the German website

ETH Water Talk (2012)

ETH Energy Talk (2011)

ETH Climate Talk (2009)

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