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ETH Zurich is committed to taking an integrated approach, in an all-round and sustainable sense, to its environmental responsibilities. Its goal is for the university’s education and research to play a leading global role. It carries out its work in all areas in such a way as to protect resources and the environment as much as possible.


This commitment provides the framework for ETH Zurich’s environmental strategy. In the environmental strategy, ETH Zurich defines annual environmental targets and measures designed to bring about continuous improvement in its work in the interests of the environment. It takes full account of the principles of the RUMBA programme for resource and environmental management within the Swiss federal administration.


Economic, ecological and social responsibility are an integral part of the work of the Executive Board. The Board is responsible for the active implementation of the environmental strategy and it provides the necessary resources.

  • Each employee acts with consideration for the environment.
  • We build up expertise in environmental issues in our education and research.
  • We regularly assess and document our environmental performance.
  • We provide information about our environmental performance regularly, openly and objectively, conveying it to both internal and external audiences.
  • We are aware of and comply with the applicable environmental regulations.
  • We factor environmental aspects concerning our suppliers and partners into the decisions we make.


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