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ETH Week is a learning format in the context of ETH's 'Critical Thinking Initiative'. It is an interdisciplinary course which fosters critical and
independent thinking, innovative learning and real - world problem solving. The current edition is being organised by ETH Sustainability, the Competence Center for Materials and Processes (MaP), and the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management. The ETH Week was triggered through a students’ initiative.

As Rector of ETH Zurich, Sarah Springman bears the overall responsibility. Tine Bratrich is the Director of ETH Sustainability and received the mandate of the school board to organise ETH Week.

Stefano Brusoni, Reto Knutti, Andreas Vaterlaus

Stefano Brusoni, Professor for Technology and Innovation Management, is involved with the further development of ETH Week and forms the Steering Board of ETH Week together with Reto Knutti, Associate Vice President for Sustainability, and Andreas Vaterlaus, Prorector for Curriculum Development and Innovation in Education.

Lex Schaul, Larissa Schefer, Alan Cabello Llamas, Sander de la Rambelje

Lex Schaul is the project leader of ETH Week. Together with Larissa Schefer of the Competence Center for Materials and Processes and Alan Cabello Llamas of Sparklabs, they develop the concept and methodology of the curriculum.

Marion Lehner, Ann van der Aa, Daniel Kottmann, Patricia Heuberger-Meyer

Marion Lehner of the Unit for Educational Development and Technology (LET) is responsible for selecting and training the tutors. Patricia Heuberger-Meyer of ETH Global coordinates external partners and organises the Knowledge Fair. Sander de la Rambelje is responsible for the registration process, communication, and the side program. Lars Sturm represents the VSETH and ensures that the students' interests are well represented during ETH Week.

Stefano Brusoni, Reto Knutti, Andreas Vaterlaus

Ann van der Aa and Daniel Kottmann of the Services Department are responsible for the implementation of the event when it comes to food, space and logistics. 

Also, we would like to thank the teams of ETH Week 2015 and 2016 for their enthusiasm and commitment.





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