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ETH Week on 'Challenging Water'

Water is a fascinating liquid that keeps our bodies running, powers our turbines, and makes our crops grow. But water also presents many challenges: We often have too little or too much, or it is polluted. Global water resources are unevenly distributed and different sectors compete for them – with side effects for people and the environment. National interests can even spark conflicts over water allocation. Water issues are therefore as complex as they are relevant. During the second ETH Week in September 2016 participants addressed the challenge of water in all its dimensions.

Participants encountered following questions during ETH Week 2016: What roles can people and industries in Switzerland play in tackling major water challenges? How can your discipline improve the way we handle water – be it civil engineering, mathematics, information technology, economics, architecture, environmental science, or any other discipline. How can we feed our planet’s growing population while safeguarding its natural water resources? How can we design good water supply systems for people, industries and the environment?

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