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When and where will the next ETH Week take place?
ETH Week 2017 will take place from Sunday 10 September till (and including) Friday 15 September. The location will be ETH Hönggerberg.

When can I register?
You can register right away! If you apply until April 30, we will let you know if you have been selected until May 3rd.  If you need more time and enough seats remain available, register by May 28 and you will know by June 4.

Does it cost anything to participate?
No, participation is for free.

Will it be in German or English?

Who is eligible to participate?
Any Bachelor’s or Master’s student, from any department of ETH Zurich, can register. Exchange students are also eligible.

What are the other requirements to join?
Enthusiasm for your own discipline. Open-minded and collaborative attitude towards interdisciplinary team work. Drive to actively participate in a student-driven learning process. Excellent skills in the active use of English.

I have no idea about the topic. Can I still apply?
Yes! You don’t need to have a background in the respective field. A wide variety of expertise in each team will contribute to a better problem understanding and a more creative solution. We will provide sufficient content related information so that the week will be successful for participants without a specific background. The whole point of the week is to learn, so you are right where you need to be.

Why should I, as a student in Theoretical Physics, participate when the topic is about manufacturing?
First, meet people who are not physicists. Second, learn how people from outside of your discipline think and solve problems. Third, integrate your expertise and learning principles into the group work process and learn more about methods on how to generate new ideas in interdisciplinary teams. This might help you for your future career and the work in other teams.

Why is the ETH Week a novel and innovative learning format at ETH Zurich?
We are combining existing approaches to learning: design thinking, problem based learning, and team building processes. These approaches complement one another and will allow you to integrate the research process into design thinking and let you think about research as a design project. This means we will combine lecture oriented inputs (keynote presentations, panel discussion) with team work sessions and excursions, but we will also provide you an inspirational environment to meet external partners, professors and students from other disciplines informally.  

Do I get credit points for participating?
If you participate for the entire week of the programme and contribute to the final group presentation, you will get 1 ECTS. This is subject to your study programme’s rules regarding “Wahlfach” credit points, so please check this before making a final decision to join the week. Also, you may only receive the credit point once. You may participate again but will not receive a second credit point. Please register under 701-0901-00S on MyStudies to receive the credit point.





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