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ETH Zurich is home to many high-calibre scientists working diligently in their specialist fields. The numerous honours and awards that ETH researchers receive for their scientific work shows just how successful they are.

Honours and prizes in ETH News


Spark Award for fundamental research

ETH Professor Sabine Werner and her team won the Spark Award 2017 yesterday for their groundbreaking new approach to combating viral diseases. If their results can be confirmed, they could lead to the development of better treatments for viral diseases such as herpes. Read more 

The latest honours and prizes

12.04.2017 | D-MATH | Lectureships and honours

Honorary Doctorate for Paul Embrechts

Cass Business School of the City, University of London has awarded Professor Paul Embrechts with the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science. Read more 

05.04.2017 | D-PHYS | Research awards

2017 MERAC Prize to Kevin Schawinski

The 2017 MERAC Prize of the European Astronomical Society for the Best Early Career Researcher in Observational Astrophysics goes to Kevin Schawinski, Professor of the Astrophysics of Galaxies and Black Holes (D-PHYS). Read more 

08.03.2017 | D-MAVT | Research awards

Google-Award for Roland Siegwart

Roland Siegwart, Head of the Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich, was awarded the prestigious Google Faculty Research Award 2016 for his research in the field of Machine Perception. Read more 

03.02.2017 | D-BIOL | Research awards

The Lelio Orci Award 2016 goes to Markus Aebi

Markus Aebi, professor at the Institute of Microbiology (D-BIOL), has won the Lelio Orci Award 2016. He has been honoured for his achievements in the field of glycobiology. Aebi is the second recipient of the award. Read more 

18.01.2017 | D-USYS | Research awards

Dani Or honoured with the John Dalton Medal

Dani Or, Professor of Soil and Terrestrial Environmental Physics at the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS), has been awarded the John Dalton Medal by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) for his research in the field of hydrology. Read more 

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Honours and prizes awarded by ETH Zurich

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The latest annual report lists the main prizes and awards that members of ETH Zurich have received for their research and educational work in international competition during the course of the reporting year.

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