Ombudspersons: qualified help and mediation in case of conflict

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Ombudspersons at ETH help in protecting the rights of members of ETH in cases of conflict (see Art. 15 of the Organisationsverordnung of ETH Zürich). The ombudspersons help to ensure adherence to proper and fair procedures and practices in administrative and scientific activities at the ETH. The ombudspersons are independent of the ETH administration. Our ombudspersons have an advisory function and treat information provided as confidential. Specific contacts and/or mediation activities with other parties will not be made unless specifically requested by the consultee.


Name Contact details Election period
Wilfred F. van Gunsteren
Prof. em.

Phone: 079 321 05 40


1 April 2014 - 31 March 2018
Maryvonne Landolt


1 August 2014 - 31 July 2018

The ombudspersons can be reached preferably by e-mail.


Members of ETH Zurich can contact the ETH Zurich Ombudspersons at any time when dealing with conflicts and difficult situations in the workplace. The Ombudspersons can provide members with advice and help them find ways to deescalate the situation. Members can contact the Ombudspersons in cases where they believe that the governing bodies of ETH Zurich have not acted correctly and fairly.

The Ombudspersons also investigate reports made by members of ETH Zurich  of suspected illegal or unethical conduct that they have discovered as part of their duties at ETH Zurich (“whistleblowing”, e.g. the improper use of financial resources). These reports must be formulated as concretely and precisely as possible and must be made in good faith.

The Ombudspersons act independently and treat reports as confidential. They will only try to engage with other parties involved in the conflict with the explicit permission of the person seeking advice. The Ombudspersons are not authorised to issue binding decisions, but they can obtain a statement from the relevant governing body and then issue that body with a written recommendation on how to proceed (see Art. 15 of the ETH Zurich Organisational Ordinance).

The Trusted Intermediary for research integrity handles inquiries from ETH members regarding conflicts and questions in connection with suspected breaches of good scientific practice (authorship, data, etc.) (Website of the Trusted Intermediary).

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