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The Public Real Estate Management Division (PREM) at ETH Zurich works on behalf of the ETH Board and the Executive Board to ensure the planning and realisation of the building infrastructure, and manages the university's property portfolio, which is worth around 3.5 billion Swiss francs.

PREM is responsible for providing the necessary spatial resources for fulfilling public mandates, in a cost-efficient and punctual way. It is customer-orientated and commercial, and adheres to the highest standards of estate management.

Through sustainable development of real estate properties, PREM is able to create the physical conditions for high-quality teaching and research, and to meet the needs of owner, operator and user. Thanks to its all-round property management, PREM can position itself as a modern service provider.

The ETH Board is the authorised Federal Construction and Properties Service. As such, it is responsible for the strategic control of estate management, and the fulfillment of mandates according to their basic terms. In addition, the ETH Board coordinates the management of property to ensure that this preserves its value and is functional.   

Within ETH Zurich, Public Real Estate Management reports to the Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure.

Key statistics

Staff 77
Property portfolio 217  teaching, research and office buildings
Total area 466,500 m2
Completed new buildings 2008 - 2015 1 Zentrum (LEE)
6 Hönggerbeg (HIA, HIT, HPS, HPL, HCP, House of Natural Resources)
Total renovations 2008 - 2015 1 Zentrum (NO)
3 Hönggerberg (HPP, HPZ, HPS)
Project overview

Status 12/2015

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